Retrospect: AM Ceramics 2017

On September 11 and 12 academics, entrepreneurs and experts from all over the world either working or researching in the ceramic sector came together at the AM Ceramics 2017 to get a deeper understanding of additive manufacturing of ceramics.

Additive Manufacturing for high-performance ceramics continues to grow at a rapid pace. More and more companies and research institutes have started to take a closer look at this topic in order to identify the advantages and the potentials of AM ceramics. The annual event AM Ceramics was launched to give the ceramic industry all the relevant information to successfully implement this new technology into businesses.

With more than 80 participants, the second AM Ceramics 2017 came to a successful end and provided two days packed with conference sessions, product demos, and networking events. Paolo Colombo, a highly appreciated ceramic expert from the University of Padua, led through a varied program which contained a mixture of economic, application-specific and technology based topics.

Renowned speakers from Morgan Advanced Materials, Safran Tech, Johnson Matthey and Mathys European Orthopaedics provided their first-hand experience on successfully developed AM applications. Furthermore experts from AM Ventures and shared their knowledge on what the market currently demands and which strategic aspects are motivating companies to consider AM as a suitable production method.  

Speakers from the Fraunhofer institute and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid presented new case studies and talked about design opportunities given by AM.

International Syalons, UK’s leading producer of silicon nitride-based advanced ceramics shared their experiences with Lithoz LCM-Technology. Experts from Lithoz and the University of Vienna showed hardware and software innovations in the field of AM Ceramics. The Montanuniversität Leoben outlined the importance of testing and maintaining quality by conducting diligent performance controls.

Johannes Homa, the event's technical director, summaries the goals of the AM Ceramics as follows: “Additive manufacturing of high-performance ceramics hides revolutionizing potential for varied industries.  However not every application and not every company needs an additive manufacturing system. The technology isn't the all-in-one solution. It is necessary to approach the topic openly and critically. Our goal is to offer the ceramic community a benchmark event to get information and to exchange on that topic”

“The AM Ceramics brings industries together by providing the opportunity to gather valuable insights one from another, while learning about product innovations and new technologies. The positive feedback we received encourages us to continue this event series", said Johannes Benedikt, CTO of Lithoz. 


About the AM Ceramics

The annual event AM Ceramics was established in 2016 to provide insights for prospective users into the subject matter and to uncover the potential and limitations of this new production method. The event is organized in cooperation with Lithoz, the German Ceramic Society, Cluster Werkstoff Keramik as well as, Ceramic Applications and the CFI. Due to the high number of international experts attending, the AM Ceramics 2018 will be in September 2018 in Vienna.

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Impressions from AM Ceramic 2017

Welcome to AM Ceramics



16 Presentations

More than 80 Participants



Speaker - Yeshurun Cohen - Rafae


Speaker - Alain Groborz - Johnson Matthey


Speaker - Alan McLelland - Morgan Advanced Materials

Speaker - Claudia Ortmann - Mathys European Orthopaedics

Speaker - Gerald Mitteramskogler - Lithoz


Speaker - Johannes Gartner -


Speaker - Johannes Homa - Lithoz

Speaker - Uwe Scheithauer - Fraunhofer IKTS

Speaker Mirna Bechelany - Safran, Edmar Allitsch - AM Ventures & Johannes Homa - Lithoz


Speaker - Bernhard Busetti - TU Wien


Speaker - Tanja Lube - Montanuniversität Leoben & Paolo Colombo - Universita di Padova

Speaker - Johannes Benedikt - Lithoz


Speaker - Ben Melrose - Syalons

Speaker - Adrian De Blas - Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

See you next time at the AM Ceramics 2018 in Vienna